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Comedy Music on Spotify (pt 3)

by linus on October 19th, 2010

Musical comedy is a contentious topic in the comedy community. Not everyone is a fan, and like in any form of comedy, some acts will suit people’s individual tastes more than others. ForĀ  more discussion of the topic of musical comedy, check out the August episode of my podcast, Stand Up Underground.

But back to our favourite source of legitimately free comedy, Spotify. We’ve already mentioned Hard N Phirm and Sean Cullen on the blog before, but there are many other artists, famous and obscure, available. No notes this time round, you’ll just have to listen and make up your own minds. So, without further ado, an extensive, but by no means exhaustive, list of comedy music on Spotify:

  1. Tenacious D
  2. Spinal Tap
  3. Weird Al Yankovic
  4. The Rutles
  5. Jonathan Coulton
  6. Bo Burnham
  7. Reggie Watts
  8. Richard Cheese
  9. Da Vinci’s Notebook
  10. Paul & Storm
  11. Steel Panther
  12. Mitch Benn
  13. The Lonely Island
  14. Jon Lajoie

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